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group training

For just $99 a month, you get:

• Group sessions where you can bond with strangers over the shared misery of burpees.

• Access to a variety of group sessions including strength training, High-Intensity Interval Training, Boot Camps, and more. 

• Coaching from pros who will make you wonder if sweating profusely counts as therapy. 

• Structured workouts designed to improve strength, endurance, and overall fitness levels

• A community vibe so strong, you’ll start considering them your new dysfunctional family.  

• Whether you’re new to fitness or looking to challenge yourself, group training offers a fun and effective way to reach your goals while enjoying the benefits of teamwork and community support. 

online coaching

For $150 a month get coaching that’s suitable for home or anywhere in the world!

• Because sweating in your pajamas should be a global phenomenon.

• Personalized workouts, fitness guidance, nutritional advice, virtual support, and regular check-ins with your coach from anywhere on the planet.

• Whether you’re a beginner looking to kickstart your fitness journey or a seasoned athlete striving for new heights, online coaching offers flexibility and convenience without compromising quality.

• It’s like having a personal trainer in every time zone!


Personal training

For $60 per session you’ll have a front row seat to the greatest show on earth – your own fitness journey!

• Dedicated one-on-one guidance to reach your fitness goals effectively. 

• During each session, you’ll receive personalized workouts tailored to your needs and abilities.

• Your trainer will provide expert guidance on proper form, technique, and progression, ensuring you get the most out of every session. 

• With individual attention, you’ll stay motivated, accountable, and on track to achieve your desired results. 


For Koa gym members, restorative Yoga sessions are included as part of your membership benefits.

For non-members, restorative Yoga is available for just $6 per session. (Other payment options available.)

• Restorative Yoga focuses on relaxation and deep rest. It promotes stress relief, flexibility, and overall well-being. 

• It’s like a gentle hug for your body and mind designed to help you unwind and de-stress.

• You’ll experience deep relaxation, allowing your body to release tension and your mind to find it’s peace. 

• Grab your comfiest leggings or sweats and join us for a restorative yoga session that’ll leave you feeling as zen as a sleepy kitten. 



who we coach

Get to know some of our awesome clients working on weight loss, strength, and fitness goals! From shedding pounds to getting stronger and fitter, we’ve got you covered. Join our crew and start crushing your goals today!

Weight Loss

Meet Albany & Delvon, two determined individuals with specific weight loss goals who joined Koa with very clear visions. They devoted themselves to our 5a group sessions, engaging in both cardio and strength training. They also embraced a healthy eating lifestyle. Their commitment is inspiring, and we’re proud to support their journey towards better health and wellness.


Meet Sam and Tyler, two friends with a simple yet powerful goal: to get strong. Armed with basic knowledge of strength training and a clear vision, they embarked on their journey with us. Consistently dedicated, they’ve not only achieved but surpassed their goals. And their camaraderie adds an extra layer of fun to the journey! We’re thrilled to be part of their strength-building adventure.

Overall Fitness

Say hello to Amy, a long-time member of our community! Over the years, she’s smashed goals, changed course, and smashed even more. Despite taking a break to handle medical issues, she’s bounced back stronger than ever. You’ll catch her in the gym almost anytime you drop by. Amy’s currently focusing on recovery with cardio and strength training, and she’s making nutrition a top priority. Her determination and resilience are truly remarkable!

weight loss to strength

Introducing Thomas, a guy with a clear mission: to lose weight and become his best self. He’s all about dedication and consistency, putting in the work day in and day out. His journey to shed over 100 pounds led him to realize the importance of building strength and muscle. After months of hitting the weights, he just crushed his first powerlifting meet! Thomas’ story is all about hard work paying off!

weight loss to strength

Meet Brenda, a vibrant 63-year-old with a heart of gold. Brenda’s fitness journey with us has been truly inspiring. Starting with a goal of weight loss, she pivoted to focus on strength, and the results speak for themselves. During her time with us, Brenda has transformed her body composition, becoming lean and defined. Her dedication led her to compete in her first powerlifting meet, where she placed FIRST in her age and weight divisions. Among her many impressive feats, Brenda’s deadlift of 218 pounds stands out as a testament to her incredible strength and determination. Brenda’s story is a reminder that age is just a number when it comes to achieving greatness.

WEight Loss/strength

Meet Stacey! She’s been part of our team for quite some time now. Stacey embarked on her journey with us, initially focusing on weight loss. Once she reached her goal weight, she transitioned to maintaining her fitness and overall health. As a busy mom to two active traveling sports athletes, Stacey faced the challenge of maintaining a healthy lifestyle while spending long days on the ball fields. However, she’s learned to balance her new lifestyle with her busy life, making herself a priority along the way. Stacey’s determination and commitment are truly inspiring!

weight loss to strength

Meet Adam, a determined individual who approached us with a clear goal: to enhance his strength and transform his physique. Fast forward six months, and he’s blown us away! Adam’s added a whopping 147lbs to his lifts and is slowly but surely transforming his physique through good nutrition and hitting the gym like a boss.

strength for sport

Meet Luke, a standout high school athlete excelling in both football and baseball. With us for several years, Luke’s dedication to training has led to remarkable gains in strength, vital for his demanding seasons. Thriving in competitive environments, he’s particularly successful in baseball. Luke’s commitment to maintaining peak fitness year-round showcases his drive for excellence. We’re proud to support his journey and anticipate even greater achievements ahead!


Mr. Bill is an impressive individual with a remarkable dedication to powerlifting. Despite facing setbacks such as bicep tendon tears and illness requiring a hospital stay, his perseverance and commitment to the sport are truly inspiring. Competing for more than 30 years is a testament to his passion and determination. Achieving an all-time personal record of 383 in competition further demonstrates his strength and skill in the sport. Mr. Bill’s journey in powerlifting serves as a source of motivation for others, showing that with resilience and perseverance, one can overcome obstacles and continue to excel in their chosen field.

free consultation

Ready for a change? Let’s chat! Our free consultation is all about understanding your goals and limitations. Together, we’ll figure out what you want to achieve and the best, quickest way to get there. Let’s make your fitness journey efficient and effective – book your consultation today!

Stacey TreeceStacey Treece
20:26 26 Oct 23
This little gym and Kelley Rubish have totally changed my life! I took classes with Kelley at Maxed Out and have followed her since she branched out on her own and have totally changed my life in the process. Down 60 lb and off all prescribed cholesterol and BP meds in a year and half and for the first time in my life, I'm maintaining the weight loss. The culture in this little gym have helped me get in the best health and shape of my life.
William WagnerWilliam Wagner
21:24 29 Jul 23
Excellent gym. The atmosphere is directly to the point. The facility is clean and the owners are extremely knowledgeable. I will definitely return.
Jennifer HendricksJennifer Hendricks
15:04 22 Dec 22
Koa is such a welcoming and fun place!! Everyone in the Koa family is so supportive of each other. Kelley and Pete are amazing at what they do. Follow their lead and you will have the results you want!
Sherry RisdenSherry Risden
23:01 21 Dec 22
I’ve been doing classes & personal training with Kelley @ KOA for 3 1/2 years now. It’s the only gym I’ve stuck with for that long. The atmosphere is welcoming & encouraging. The staff are there to help you meet your fitness goals no matter what level of fitness you are starting at.
Ashley TaylorAshley Taylor
20:11 20 Dec 22
Koa has literally changed my life. It’s a family not just a gym. I started at Koa back in 2020 when the pandemic started and have been there ever since. My trainer/coach Sarah is the absolute best! She’s been with me year after year, meet after meet, and the rest of the Koa trainers/owners/peeps are the best people and are like family! Kelley and Pete really made a special place in Koa! I recommend Koa for all fitness levels and once you’ve been there for a while and want to dabble, I highly recommend joining the Koa powerlifting team!
Levi DoddLevi Dodd
19:56 19 Dec 22
Fantastic gym with something for everyone. They take care of the brand new athlete and the world class (literally) athlete, the old and the young. Great environment, knowledgeable (and very helpful) coaches, and top tier powerlifting equipment (including calibrated KG plates)!
Amy RouseyAmy Rousey
17:57 19 Dec 22
KOA is a welcoming gym atmosphere for whatever your training needs are! Kelly & Pete are great! They are motivating and really know their stuff! 💪🏻
Elizabeth RobertsElizabeth Roberts
16:23 19 Dec 22
KOA Strength and Fitness is an amazing gym with amazing, caring people! They become your family and help you find your best physical self through personalized diet programs and strength training to meet your individual needs. KOA doesn’t judge and encourages you every step of the way!



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